• Tea Party

    • Tea Party Package 1

      $18 pp

      Open faced Prosciutto- Arugula- Herbed cheese on sourdough 

      Miniature house chicken salad on croissant

      Cucumber- Herbed cheese- Pumpernickel 

      Local greens- Goat cheese- Apple- Candied Walnuts- Honey lemon vinaigrette

      Two miniature quiche choices

    • Tea Party Package 2

      $19 pp

      Turkey pinwheels- boursin cheese- spinach-caramelized onion

      Tuna & Microgreens on italian 

      Open faced smoked salmon & caviar with creme fraiche on bellini 

      Wedge Salad with house bleu cheese

      House biscuits with local jams, honey & whipped butters

    • Tea Party Package 3

      $27 pp

      Egg Salad on Sourdough 

      Fresh fruit display

      Assorted House scones & Biscotti 

      Open faced caprese with local basil & balsamic drizzle 

      Asparagus & prosciutto wrapped with puff pastry

       Watermelon- Arugula- Blueberries- Mozzarella & Champagne vinaigrette

      Miniature lemon tarts with local edible flowers

    • Tea Party Package 4

      $28 pp

      Ham & cheddar biscuits with pimento may spread

      Open face roasted red pepper- lovage pesto spread- local microgreens

      Local beet & blueberry bruschetta

      Local organic radish & fennel tea sandwiches 

      Local fruit & Vegetable display

      Assorted house scones- breads- biscotti

    • Brunch

    • Crepe Bar

      $15 pp

      Your choice of pre-assembled or ‘build your own’ Deluxe crepe display with traditional and red velvet crepes House whipped cream and powdered sugar dusting included - Choice of 8 Sweet Or Savory Fillings/Toppings: Fresh Berries - Peanut Butter - Chocolate Hazelnut - Whipped Cream Cheese - Apple Pie Filling - Cherry Pie Filling - Grilled Peaches in bourbon caramel - Butterscotch Chips White Chocolate Chips - Triple Berry Compote - Sliced Bananas Bacon - Chives - Green Onion - Shredded Cheddar - Shredded Mozzarella - Shredded Pepper Jack - Shredded Colby Jack Scrambled Eggs - Shredded Fajita-style Chicken Breast Seasoned Ground Beef - Local Diced Ham - Tomatillo Roasted Pork Feta - Roasted Red Peppers Hollandaise Sauce, Bearnaise Sauce, Traditional Bechamel, House Made Salsa Verde, House Made Pico De Gallo Add Smoked Salmon - $2 pp Add Creme Fraiche and Caviar - $5 pp

    • Divine Dreams

      $20 pp

      House made bagels with cream cheese, local jam, whipped butters Seasonal fruit and cheese display House made individual Frittatas - Choice of 2 flavors Arugula salad with shaved parmesan, oil, salt, pepper, balsamic on side - Add lox, avocado, red onion, and tomato ($6 pp)

    • Secret Garden

      $30 pp

      Caprese salad OR Roasted Beet and Squash Salad (Seasonal) - Charcuterie Cone display (Crackers Included) Herb cucumber bites Prosciutto, Melon, and Goat Cheese skewers Yogurt parfaits Miniature Omelets - Choice of 2 flavors

    • Traditional Brunch

      $20 pp

      Poached Eggs [Served with fresh Hollandaise on the side] Sweet Potato Hash Bacon and Sausage House made Waffles [Maple Syrup - Butter - Triple Berry Compote] Stuffed Endive Salad Platter [Local Kale - Cherries - Candied nuts - Bleu cheese -Local Fennel]

    • Elevated Traditional Brunch

      $28 pp

      Local Potato and Leek Shakshuka Mortadella Panini [House bread, Fried Egg- Mimolette - Garlic Weber’s Aioli] French Toast Bake [House Bread - Egg Custard - Maple - Brown Sugar] Composed Watermelon Salad [Mozzarella - Blueberries - Arugula- Dijon Champagne Vinaigrette] OR Stuffed Endive Salad Platter [Local Kale - Cherries - Candied nuts - Bleu cheese -Local Fennel]

    • Frittata and Omelet Options (Choose up to 3 mix-ins)

      $5 pp

      Ham - Bacon - Traditional Breakfast Sausage - Chicken Breakfast Sausage - Italian Sausage Crumbles - Cheddar - Mozzarella - Feta - Colby Jack - Pepper Jack Caramelized Onion - Spinach - Sliced Potatoes - Roasted Red Pepper - Scallion - Chives Seasonal Roasted Herbs and Vegetables $5 pp per frittata or Omelet

    • Brunch Additions

      Fruit Display - $4 pp Cheese Display - $5 pp Seasonal House Made Bread Pudding - $4 pp House made pastry display - $5 pp House made Muffin Display - $4 pp House made biscuits with local jams and honey - $5 pp Mini chicken and waffles display - $5 pp Individual Frittatas - $4 pp Charcuterie cones or grazing board - $9 pp Yogurt Parfait Display - $7 pp